METACOL S.A, we develop integral solutions for casting and fluid handling, generating value for customers, shareholders, employees and the community.



In the year 2021 we will have a presence in new markets supported by product and service engineering innovation, making our operation more profitable and providing greater benefits to our customers.



METACOL S.A we are committed to the development and continuous improvement of the company, in order to meet the expectations and needs of the client, the worker, the shareholder and the environment.

Nuestra Empresa



Metallurgical Construcel Colombia S.A. METACOL, as result of a process negotiated, of the effort creative and of the effort of their collaborators by consolidate a company own, where all its participants: workers, distributors and suppliers are shareholders, developing the model of participation and democratization shareholder more broad generated in that time in the country.
It currently has three lines of business:

  • Fluids: manufacturing and marketing of products in ductile iron and steel for the handling of fluids, especially for water and sewerage systems.
  • Foundries Special: perform casting by commissioned in materials ferrous such as steels of low, medium and high alloy, iron grey, nodular, among others.
  • Projects and assemblies: in recent years we have executed mechanical assemblies, with an emphasis on works related to water and fluid conductive structures. This line services include designs, Assembly, maintenance, repair and rehabilitation mechanical.
  • Civil Works: We perform engineering services for aqueducts, sewers, treatment plants, environmental and sanitary engineering, irrigation and pumping systems, among other works.





of fusion

POWER TRACK capacity induction furnaces each furnace 2 ton and productivity of fusion of two tons of liquid metal per hour. Our capacity us allows you to offer parts in steel up to of 1.5 Tn and in iron until 3 Tn.


integral molding

to offer services to each need particular of the industry.
Automatic moulding
by moulding machine HUNTER HMP20, with production capacity of up to 60 cartons of molds time, useful work area of 400 x 300 mm, parts up to 30 kilos. Registering a productivity of over 500 parts day of injection molding.
Semi-automatic molding
for parts up to 80 kg intermediate production volume.
Floor moulding
for parts of large dimensions and from 200 up to 1500 kg.


Plant of

heat treatments

Plant of


We have lathes parallel, vertical, control, alezadoras, milling machining center


Certification ISO 9001:2008 for the design, production, marketing and service customer (selection, management, maintenance and training) valves, gates, accessories and fire hydrants for the management of fluids. Certification ISO 9001:2008 for construction of aqueduct systems.

Seal with technical regulation for metal fittings coated epoxy bituminous and Caoutchouc chlorine for drinking water.


IQNET international certification.

METACOL S.A., has a philosophy towards total quality has been developed since Torino S.A., who received the company Colombian DE PETROLEOS Ecopetrol, the rocker of gold, in recognition of the standardization of manufacturing processes according to ISO 9001 Version 2008 quality assurance model.