Metacol production

The production of the plant is scheduled for the production of nodular iron; Gray and steels of low, medium and high alloy; under international standards ASTM, AISI, SAE, among other standards. Supply certification of analysis chemical, metallographic, properties mechanical and treatment thermal low application contract.

We have updated technology that allows us to be at the forefront of metallurgical industry in molten ferroalloys production systems.

Our process

The process of Fusion POWER TRACK capacity induction furnaces each furnace 2 ton and productivity of fusion of two tons of liquid metal per hour. Our capacity us allows you to offer parts in steel up to of 1.5 Tn and in iron until 3 Tn.

Molding system integral to offer services to each particular need of industry.

Automatic molding, by moulding machine HUNTER HMP20, with production capacity of up to 60 cartons of molds time, useful area 400 x 300 mm, working parts up to 30 kilos. Registering a productivity of over 500 parts day of injection molding.

Injection molding semi-automatic: for parts of up to 80 kilos volume of production intermediate.

Floor moulding: for large parts and from 200 up to 1500 kg.

Thermal treatment plant: with electric furnace and fuel for parts of 2 m in length.

Machining plant: we have lathes parallel, vertical, control, alezadoras, milling machining center